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I LOVE THIS LOL and the ending "You should have just ask" or something. Cool man, cool. I really like the song too :D

And the fighting! Stickman kick ass. Awesome.


...was weird. For me, it's not good enough, and the graphic was a bit off. But I really like the paper wrinkled sky you make. And the character movement (like RoastySmith said) was a bit choppy. And the story is too short!

I've seen your other flashes and they're much better than this one. So, I'm sure you could do more :)

Keep it up. (Y)

The horror..

...of a gum! It chills my spine, and I was curious at first and thought "pssh, what could a gum do?" but of course, it COULD do something.

Anyway, nice! I really like it.

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This is great, and very calming :) not so hard as well. I really like the animation, smooth and simple. Nice.

I really love it..

It's not like I'm suicidal, but I just like to torture, and dude, the sounds were awesome.. I like the ? one and yessshh, make more.

It's a good stress relief for me.

I do not cheat.

But it's pretty tiring, bleh. One or two of the questions almost got me.. nice game, though some of it are wrong (I guess, not sure).

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I really like the opening :D but it sounds like you're using a recycled barrel or something. I do think it's missing something, although I don't know for sure what it is because I'm not a major in music.

Overall, great job :)

SSJDre responds:

Well, the "recycled barrel" is actually an industrial pipe I think. The program I used to make the song has lots of different industrial sound effects. I might be wrong on what it is because I haven't used it in a little while, I've been busy working on other projects. But thank you on the compliment, even if you aren't majorly into music, everyone's opinion helps. I did use lots of orchestra sounds though, and I think the mix came out pretty nice. Just continue and listen and support, not only me, but the other artists and musicians here on newgrounds, that's all that I ask.

Eh waw...

...I could hear this song again and again and again and not getting bored with it. It's relaxing, so I'm going to bed, haha.

Nice song, very good. ^^


Did you make this yourself? Well, it's good.. though it's a bit too fast so, the lyric did well here! :)

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Great Artworks

You've made such great artworks, I've seen your dA - since I have a dA too.

I really like the details like wings, faces, shadings and skins (may I say, scales). The colors blends perfectly too, my favorite is the Lapis Lazuli. Very beautiful. ^^

Me want cookies! SERIOUSLY.




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