Entry #5

Lots of Things to do!

2009-09-06 00:14:48 by animchan

Whew, lots of things to do this month - no, year.

I have to work on my business report, caving report, then my paintings, also upload more photograph to my dA, write my movie storyboard and then submit the next chapter of my fanfic. I'm not quite sure which should I do first, since all of them seems important.

And the weekend is almost over.. I have to go back to school and live hell for the next five days, yea.

Lots of Things to do!


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2009-09-06 00:16:45

One day you will see that I'm the real Wade Fulp


2009-09-06 04:55:17

just don't fuck up
and everything might just turn upright

animchan responds:

I'll keep that in mind, thanks ^_^